About two months ago, I left home to begin my journey to Townsville, Australia to join YWAM (Youth With A Mission.) This discipleship training school would be a big part of the next five months of my life. So far this journey has been filled with many adventures, ups, and downs, but I am loving what I am doing.

Youth With a Mission is an organization founded on christian beliefs, we offer training to young people all over the world equipping them to then spread the gospel to the nations. We go on trips to other countries, what we call outreaches, and help out the local people both physically and spiritually in any way we can.

Each week we have a new topic which we cover in lectures in a classroom setting. Last week was on lordship and it was probably one of the most challenging weeks for most of us, we dealt with a lot of things in our past and made a lot of decisions for our futures as well. Lordship is all about making Jesus Lord over your life and how you live that out everyday. Mark Parker was our speaker and he has so much knowledge and wisdom about the topic, it was awesome to see his energy and passion for what he was teaching.

I’ve become very well adjusted to how we are doing things here, even the Australian heat has become familiar to me now. Our days are very busy, filled with worship times, classes and working duties. We might be busy but it is also very fulfilling and character building work we do. I have seen myself grow as a person as well as as a christian.

This week we are talking about missions and the kinds of things we will be doing during our six -week long outreaches in different parts of the world. These start in early January. Most of our class will be going to Papua New Guinea, my team will stay in Queensland Australia and I am honestly so excited. We will be experiencing the outback and traveling by van for our entire outreach as well as getting to sleep in hammocks at night. I am still unsure about the exact towns we will be going to but I believe we will get to talk to kids in schools about God and just be there and hang out with them.

I can’t wait to see what God will do through our lives over the next couple of weeks and months.

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  1. So yeah, I’m stalking your blog right now. 😉 This sounds awesome. Glad to hear about how God is working through your time and can’t wait to hear about your journey in the outback!

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